Special Ceremony for School Wardens in Scoil na Croise Naofa in 1988.

This is a photo from Scoil na Croise Naofa in 1988 which appeared in South Gate.

Do you recognise any of those in it?

At a special ceremony for school wardens in Scoil Na Croise Naofa, members of all the school warden teams were presented with a special commemorative pen.

Each team of wardens consisted of six pupils over the age of 11 and a different team is used for each day of the week.

On this occasion, the school team of six to represent the school was selected from among all the wardens.
The boys selected were Tomas O’Domhnaill, Dino Macropulos, Ailin O Nuanain, Sean O McAodha, Fergal O Maolcholainn and David O Donoghue.

The school warden competition was organised by the National Safety Council and the P.M.P.A.

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