The day “Tough Barry” sent off four players.

Although just a tournament hurling match in the Amber Ale tournament, this game was played in Clonakilty in 1938 between the Rockies and the Barrs appears to have been a very robust affair. The famous, Jim “Tough” Barry saw red and sent four players to the line according to Con Hannigan’s report.

Tough Barry was the Cork Hurling trainer for many years. He played with the Rockies as a young man. A tailor by trade, he was a champion swimmer and amateur boxer in his day. He once fought Pakey Mahony, the Irish Heavyweight champion of 1913.

Both Jim and Pakey together went on to train the Cork hurlers from 1926 to 31.

Pakey himself lived on Convent Road in Blackrock Village close to the Pier Head and also trained the famous Blackrock teams of the same era.

Jim Barry went on to manage and train Cork hurling teams for four decades, including the four-in a row in the 40s and the three in a row in the 50s. He could almost always be seen, immaculately dressed, on the back right-hand side of the Cork hurling team photos, over the years.

The most famous and final team, that he trained was the All Ireland winners of 1966. The legendary Jim “Tough” Barry passed away in October 1968.

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