Coursing in the Lakelands in the mid-1950s

Mr. Kevin Cummins has supplied us, a rare photograph of a coursing meeting in Lakelands in the mid-1950s.

Note: Lough Mahon, Little Island, and Hop Island, are all in the background.

The local area, had a very active, greyhound coursing club at the time, which used to meet in the general Dunlocha area and travel through the many, open fields down to the Crawfords estate at Lakelands. This is where the pitches, Mahon Point, Jacob’s Island and the Southern Ring Road are now located.

According to Kevin,

“Centre, front, in jacket with light coloured jumper, shirt & tie, holding two dogs is Tadgh Delaney who was chairman of the coursing club for many years. My father, William Cummins is the adult with cap on the extreme left. He acted as ‘slipper’ that day. In front of him, in skull cap & belted coat, is a young Ray Cummins, Blackrock and Cork dual star. His brother Brendan, also a Blackrock and Cork Hurler, is the fourth child further on, again in skull cap and holding greyhound with two hands.”

Tom Clancy’s head can be seen towards the rear, slightly left of Brendan. “Texas” Sullivan from Ballinlough is the tall man in dark coat standing in front, to left of Tadgh Delaney. On extreme right is Finbarr Hogan from Boreenmanna Road.”

Who else is in the photograph? Do you recognise anyone? Please get in touch and let us know.

The ditch at the bottom of the field marks the spot where the Mahon walkway passes today. On the left of the field is a laneway which used to run down to the original walkway path on the shoreline……

We wish, to thank Kevin Cummins, for his generosity, in providing this rare photograph, of times gone by.

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