Joe McHugh Park

Joe McHugh Park is located on the northern rim of the Mahon Peninsula, alongside the Douglas Estuary.  The park is on land, that once formed part of the great Crawford Lakelands Estate. The Crawford’s were a very wealthy family in Cork in the late 18th and 19th century. (The Crawford family name today can be found on buildings in Cork city, and the family were also partners in the brewery operated by Beamish and Crawford founded in 1792)

This land was presented to Cork City Council by the McCarthy Family for the creation of a public park.  The park was opened to the public in 2005.

The park celebrates the late Joe McHugh, Cork City Manager 1974-1985, who was widely regarded as a visionary, and he had planned the entire Mahon Development.

Joe McHugh Park is now a wonderful haven and habitat for birds, animals and plants and is freely open and available to the public.  The park’s quiet paths, seats, and open meadows, provides a pleasant respite from the pressures of the world.  Located across from the walkway entrance, lies the remains of Crawford’s Quay on the Douglas Estuary.  The estate’s ancient stone walls, store houses, and trees indicates a location that was once a hive of activity.

The park is accessible only, to those who can already access the nearby walkways, or can pass through the Jacobs Island Development. Older residents or those with mobility issues may have difficulty gaining access.

Perhaps the City Council might look into the provision of a small car park specifically for those groups to enable them to experience fully this incredible local amenity.

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Writer of local news and history, in the community of Mahon, Blackrock, Cork. Graduated from UCC, with a BA in History and Politics.

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