Ringmahon Castle

Ringmahon Castle is located on the grounds of the Ringmahon House.

Richard Henchion in his book East to Mahon (Dahadore publications 2005) stated that this structure has appeared on a map of Mahon in the 1660’s.

While the tower is attributed to the old Gaelic clan of the O’Mahonys’, Henchion suggests that it was probably constructed by the Coppinger family on this elevated site and may have originally been much higher and would have had a view over Loughmahon and the River Lee.  Was it in fact a lookout tower for harbour defensive purposes?

James Murphy (1769-1855) who erected Ringmahon House also named his Brig ship which he commissioned in 1825, Ringmahon Castle.  Gaelscoil Mhachan uses the castle on their crest.

Also, Ringmahon Residents Association in the 1980s used the towers image on its newsletters.

An ancient relic of the past, it is well worth a visit. Described variously as a “folly”, “a fairy tale gem”, it has nevertheless survived for a long time amidst the changing landscape of Mahon.

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Writer of local news and history, in the community of Mahon, Blackrock, Cork. Graduated from UCC, with a BA in History and Politics.

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