Europa League Final Preview. Manchester United versus Villarreal.

Manchester United

Route to final. Manchester were knocked out of the Champions League in a disappointing fashion, this season, putting themselves in a great position, after winning their opening three group matches. Manchester United subsequently lost their last three matches, against Istanbul, PSG and RB Leipzig. Whilst having a difficult group, this was a poor group stage for United.

Manchester United played two Italian and two Spanish teams on their way to the final, with only AC Milan, looking like the only team who could evenly match United. Manchester United beat Real Sociedad, Granada and Roma on their way to the final.

Round of 32. Real Sociedad versus Manchester United (0-4, 0-0).

Round of 16. Manchester United versus AC Milan (1-1, 1-0).

Quarter final. Granada versus Manchester United (0-2, 0-2).

Semi Final. Manchester United versus AS Roma (6-2, 2-3).

Top Scorers. Edison Cavani & Bruno Fernandes: 5 goals.


Villarreal finished seventh in Spain, this season. I haven’t seen any of their European matches this year, so I don’t really know that much about them.

Manchester United looked to have the trickier draw. The only team from Europe’s top five leagues who Villarreal played were Arsenal, who had a poor season this year.

Group stages:

Villarreal versus Sivasspor (5-3, 1-0).

Qarabeg versus Villarreal (1-3, 0-3).

Villarreal versus Maccabi Tel Aviv (4-0, 1-1).

Round of 32. Red Bull Salzburg versus Villarreal (0-2, 1-2)

Round of 16. Dynamo Kiev versus Villarreal (0-2, 0-2).

Quarter finals. Dynamo Zagreb versus Villarreal (0-1, 1-2).

Semi Finals Villarreal versus Arsenal (2-1, 0-0).

Top scorers. Gerard Moreno and Pace Alacaer: 6 goals.

Verdict: Manchester United 3 Villarreal 1.

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