St. Michael’s Gaelic Football Club.

St. Michael’s Gaelic Football Club, was founded in 1951, after a meeting in the Leaping Salmon in Blackrock Village. The hurlers who had played with the Blackrock Hurling club or other young people in the area, who were footballers had no local team to play football with, so in order to provide an outlet itContinue reading “St. Michael’s Gaelic Football Club.”

Breaking Bad. Is it worth a watch?

Breaking Bad is a television series produced by Vince Gilligan that was on air between 2008 and 2013. The show premiered on the channel, AMC Network and it is five seasons long (Season five was released in two parts), and has sixty two episodes. Season one is seven episodes, seasons two, three and four areContinue reading “Breaking Bad. Is it worth a watch?”

Pairc Ui Rinn: a Local “Field of Dreams” on the Boreenamanna Road.

Pairc Ui Rinn, a Local Field of Dreams on the Boreenamanna Road. The first competitive soccer game on the famous Flower Lodge ground was in 1957, when AOH Football Club played Sligo in the FAI Cup. According to Plunkett Carter (From The Lodge to the Box) the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) purchased the 11.5Continue reading “Pairc Ui Rinn: a Local “Field of Dreams” on the Boreenamanna Road.”

The Cork, Blackrock and Passage Railway, the Past, Present and Future.

By the 1840s, there was a market for good travel facilities between Cork and some of the villages in Cork Harbour, including Passage and onwards by ferry to Cove. At one stage it looked as if Passage might be developed as a major trans Atlantic port so a direct rail connection could be profitable. FinallyContinue reading “The Cork, Blackrock and Passage Railway, the Past, Present and Future.”

The Lovely Lakes of Ballinure.

Described once by local historian, Paddy O’Driscoll as “A part of my heaven”, the islands and lakes at the south western corner of Bessborough, still remain as peaceful tranquil as ever as they silently await their fate. Located alongside the Bishops Walk, this complex of five wooded islands and lakes, appears to have been constructedContinue reading “The Lovely Lakes of Ballinure.”

The Sean Cronin Park.

This park, off the Ringmahon Road, alongside Ballinsheen was opened by the Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. Joe O’Flynn on 5th June 1999. It was named after a local man Sean Cronin “in recognition of the tremendous effort, commitment and dedication in pursuance of the development of this park” made by Sean. Sean was bornContinue reading “The Sean Cronin Park.”

John Quirke: Why would Ring ask me about Hurling?

John Quirke was born in Milltown, Co. Kerry in 1911. His father got a job at the Ursuline Convent and the family moved to Blackrock and later to 7 Ballinure Cottages known as the “White City”. This famous park in Ballinure, constructed in the mid 1930s has produced so many famous hurlers, camogie and soccerContinue reading “John Quirke: Why would Ring ask me about Hurling?”

HBO Chernobyl Review.

HBO’s mini series, Chernobyl is one of the best television series that has being made in recent years. Chernobyl covers the story of the Chernobyl Crisis all the way from the moment of the crisis to the uncovering of what happened to the powerplant. The story starts with the suicide of the protagonist of theContinue reading “HBO Chernobyl Review.”

Ballinure House.

The attached photos show the old Ballinure House in the 1970s, it was demolished soon afterwards. It was located in the present day grounds of the Nagle College, some trees from the estate still stand on these grounds and in Loughmahon Park. The large imposing entrance was located on the old Ballinure road and theContinue reading “Ballinure House.”

The Marina Folly, a Colourful Past, a Potential Future?

One of the more unusual hidden ruins off the Marina is Barrington’s Folly, which is located about 100 metres to the south of the old Blackrock railway line (present-day greenway), as one approaches the Atlantic Pond. It can be seen from the railway line during the winter months. It is located on the grounds ofContinue reading “The Marina Folly, a Colourful Past, a Potential Future?”