Better Call Saul Season Two Recap.

Season Two of Better Call Saul starts with Jimmy McGill being tempted to quit the law and then becoming an associate who will be a partner of a large Albuquerque law firm, Davis and Main. Mike’s story begins with him, being fired by Daniel “Pryce” Wormald, a man who sells pharmaceutical equipment to Ignacio VargaContinue reading “Better Call Saul Season Two Recap.”

Better Call Saul Season One Recap.

Better Call Saul is the spin off show to Breaking Bad with the corrupt lawyer and money launderer Saul Goodman (played by Bob Odenkirk) as the protagonist. Better Call Saul’s main story is how small time lawyer, Jimmy McGill becomes the amoral and crooked Saul Goodman, making it a prequel to Breaking Bad. Better CallContinue reading “Better Call Saul Season One Recap.”

Breaking Bad. Is it worth a watch?

Breaking Bad is a television series produced by Vince Gilligan that was on air between 2008 and 2013. The show premiered on the channel, AMC Network and it is five seasons long (Season five was released in two parts), and has sixty two episodes. Season one is seven episodes, seasons two, three and four areContinue reading “Breaking Bad. Is it worth a watch?”

HBO Chernobyl Review.

HBO’s mini series, Chernobyl is one of the best television series that has being made in recent years. Chernobyl covers the story of the Chernobyl Crisis all the way from the moment of the crisis to the uncovering of what happened to the powerplant. The story starts with the suicide of the protagonist of theContinue reading “HBO Chernobyl Review.”