A trip back in time to Mahon in 1982.

The beginnings of the development of the present Mahon community are looked at in this RTE documentary by Pat Butler.  The RTE programme was originally screened on 24th March 1982, all of 38 years ago. The documentary is mainly based on construction work in the Ferney area in Ringmahon.  The documentary, includes rare footage of theContinue reading “A trip back in time to Mahon in 1982.”

Limes Avenue on Ferney Road, Mahon.

Limes Avenue on Ferney Road is named after an ancient Lime Tree on the green, to the south of the houses on the avenue.  It may be about 150 years old and has become a familiar local landmark. This tree would have been in the gardens of Ringmahon House and was probably planted originally byContinue reading “Limes Avenue on Ferney Road, Mahon.”