Ferney House, A History.

The Ferney area of Mahon, gets its name from Ferney House (now demolished) and Ferney Cottage, (now Oakgrove Leisure Centre). The original Ferney House was built in 1785 and was eventually demolished in the 1970s.  Ferney House, was a substantial house, that overlooked, Lough Mahon, and it’s 25 acre estate took in much of theContinue reading “Ferney House, A History.”

St. Michael’s Gaelic Football Club.

St. Michael’s Gaelic Football Club, was founded in 1951, after a meeting in the Leaping Salmon in Blackrock Village. The hurlers who had played with the Blackrock Hurling club or other young people in the area, who were footballers had no local team to play football with, so in order to provide an outlet itContinue reading “St. Michael’s Gaelic Football Club.”

A Valuable History of our Community. Available to All.

Historian Brendan Cotter, a native of the area, has produced an analysis of the 1901 Census for the census districts of Ballinure, Blackrock Town, Dundanion and Mahon. Brendan has included maps of the townland boundaries as shown in Griffith’s Valuation of 1850. These maps hopefully, will be of interest to all. He provides details ofContinue reading “A Valuable History of our Community. Available to All.”