The Lovely Lakes of Ballinure.

Described once by local historian, Paddy O’Driscoll as “A part of my heaven”, the islands and lakes at the south western corner of Bessborough, still remain as peaceful tranquil as ever as they silently await their fate. Located alongside the Bishops Walk, this complex of five wooded islands and lakes, appears to have been constructedContinue reading “The Lovely Lakes of Ballinure.”

Joe McHugh Park

Joe McHugh Park is located on the northern rim of the Mahon Peninsula, alongside the Douglas Estuary.  The park is on land, that once formed part of the great Crawford Lakelands Estate. The Crawford’s were a very wealthy family in Cork in the late 18th and 19th century. (The Crawford family name today can be foundContinue reading “Joe McHugh Park”

The Atlantic Pond: a Nearby Oasis of Wildlife.

The Atlantic Pond is an artificially made, lake alongside the Marina.  The pond is reached by a short walk from Blackock village or from the old railway line and also from Ballintemple village, and it is always worth a stroll around. The pond has fantastic biodiversity; including mallard ducks, swans, herons, moor hens, and egrets.Continue reading “The Atlantic Pond: a Nearby Oasis of Wildlife.”

The Wildlife of the Blackrock and Mahon area

Blackrock and Mahon, may be part of the suburban part of Cork, with a community of about 20,000 people, but nature is still flourishing.  The wildlife of the Blackrock and Mahon area is very diverse including, cormorants, oystercatchers, seagulls, godwits, badgers, rabbits and foxes. The Atlantic Pond, is a sanctuary of bird life, including swans,Continue reading “The Wildlife of the Blackrock and Mahon area”

Atlantic Pond Family, Still Going Strong.

Great to report, that the magnificent seven, baby swans, are growing rapidly, at the Atlantic Pond.  Photos underneath, show how, quickly that the swans have developed in the last four weeks.  The first photo of the swan family was taken in the middle of May, and the second photo of the same swan family wasContinue reading “Atlantic Pond Family, Still Going Strong.”