Ringmahon House: from Big House to Youthreach Centre.

Ringmahon House, has being part of the landscape of the Mahon area, for almost two hundred years. From its elevated site, it overlooks the local community and when built stood proudly over Lough Mahon and the River Lee. This “Big House” has the unique distinction of being home to two of Ireland’s most prominent businessContinue reading “Ringmahon House: from Big House to Youthreach Centre.”

Ringmahon Castle

Ringmahon Castle is located on the grounds of the Ringmahon House. Richard Henchion in his book East to Mahon (Dahadore publications 2005) stated that this structure has appeared on a map of Mahon in the 1660’s. While the tower is attributed to the old Gaelic clan of the O’Mahonys’, Henchion suggests that it was probably constructed by the Coppinger familyContinue reading “Ringmahon Castle”

Limes Avenue on Ferney Road, Mahon.

Limes Avenue on Ferney Road is named after an ancient Lime Tree on the green, to the south of the houses on the avenue.  It may be about 150 years old and has become a familiar local landmark. This tree would have been in the gardens of Ringmahon House and was probably planted originally byContinue reading “Limes Avenue on Ferney Road, Mahon.”