Ferney House Nameplate Mystery Solved!

Remember, we mentioned last week in the Ferney House article about a missing Ferney stone nameplate. This had been referred to by Richard Henchion in his 2005 book East To Mahon.

The nameplate he may have been referring to was the Ferney House nameplate (photo included). The nameplate was subsequently used by Dorothy Kinmonth as the nameplate for her house in Montenotte.

Dr. George Kinmonth, Dorothy’s father was the son of William and Sarah Kinmonth, the owner’s of Ferney House. Dorothy married Fergus Cross of Sullivans Quay. Her daughter is Dorothy Cross the well known Irish artist.

Thanks again to Michael Foley, for sharing this information. We are delighted to report that the Ferney House name lives on.

As a matter of interest, the two magnificent oak trees on Castle Road were originally part of the Ferney estate and were growing very close to the original shoreline of Loughmahon.

The response to the story of Ferney House, has been huge and please continue to share with neighbours and friends who have connections to Mahon and Blackrock, or have an interest in local history.

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Writer of local news and history, in the community of Mahon, Blackrock, Cork. Graduated from UCC, with a BA in History and Politics.

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